Welcome to STF Steninge Hostel

In between Halmstad and Falkenberg, in a charming seaside house with a view of the Kattegatt, you'll find Steninge Hostel. During the summer months we offer unique accommodations and an ecologically inspired breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread, award winning porridge and other local delicacies. We operate a café that combines the feeling of “grandma's kitchen” and the sea plus a little fantasy.

Aside from being a genuine and quaint hostel just a stone's throw from the sea, Steninge Hostel is somewhat uncommon seeing as it is a hostel for hikers! The coastline between Halmstad and Falkenberg is a joy to hike along and has been given a three star rating from Michelin's Green Guide. We, Catarina and Per, who operate the hostel are enthusiastic hikers who have travelled extensively around both Sweden and the world and we have realized the hiking possibilities around Steninge as totally unique. The terrain alternates between sandy beaches, shoreline meadows and rocky cliffs as you hike along the coastline. With the crashing waves as the background noise to your journey along with the eye-catching unbroken view of the horizon, you get the most beautiful frame while you experience a moment by the sea.

STF Steninge vandrarhem is open from end of March to November

Between September and May (excluding December, January and February) you may inquire about our booking possibilities. Additionally, we offer, during certain weekends in the spring and autumn, planned activities such as weekend hikes. On the activities page, you can see what we currently have underway. You are warmly welcome to come and participate!

For those of you who are active and long for the solitude of a naturally beautiful place to spend the night, this hostel is for you! It is also possible to book our hostel for private parties, conferences, training camps or even choir camps. You may also book the entire house or certain parts of the house. We have a spacious dining room and living room as well as an inviting veranda and a well stocked kitchen with silverware for up to 40 people. Our bedrooms are on the second floor above the aforementioned facilities.

Catarina and Per Welcome You!

Opening Hours

We are open from March until November. Our breakfast buffet, café and new, exciting plätteri is open during the summer (June-August 8am-6pm). Pre-booking is recommended.  Contact us for booking. Your guides, Catarina and Per, are at the hostel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During the summer months you're welcome to our breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread and other locally produces products.

Baskets for beach picnics, lunch hikes and sunset suppers can be bought or loaned from the hostel the entire summer.