Close to the sea

STF Steninge Hostel

The perfect spot for active people, with a view of the sea and a nature reserve around the corner. Welcome to Steninge Hostel for a pleasant stay.

In between Halmstad and Falkenberg, in a charming seaside house with a view of the Kattegatt, you'll find Steninge Hostel. From the hostel's garden, it's just a 200 meter walk to the sea where you can bathe from the sandy beach or from the cliffs.

The hostel has generous space for socializing and relaxing. Both the dining room and the living room are decorated with light colours and a local cultural theme shown with both paint and textiles; all with the crashing waves as the background noise to your journey and an unbroken view of the horizon.

All of the hostels charming rooms have their individual histories. We also have a well stocked guest kitchen where you can cook your own food. Our knowledge of the area and sentiment for comfort and tradition can be felt through the atmosphere of the whole house.

Newcomer of the Year 2015!

The Swedish Tourist Association annually awards the year's best hostels, hotels and mountain lodges and Steninge Hostel was awarded the golden plaque in the category Newcomer of the Year.

STF's motivation:
For a newly created breakfast experience with world class porridge to naturally beautiful hikes in the evening. As well as service and decoration that compliments the poems, nature and culture composed here by the Kattegatt's shore. A jewel in Halland that shines with an attentive touch and craftsmanship.

Opening Hours and Booking

The hostel is open nearly all year round with the exception of December, January and February. Please contact us before you show up since we are sometimes out leading guided tours and activities with guests and groups. If we're at the hostel, you're welcome to visit our facilities regardless of the time of year. Our café is open during the summer months (June-August) between 8:00am To 6:00pm.

Whether or not you enjoy being active, you can hike along the sea or just enjoy the solitude of a calm place to stay the night. You're welcome to spend the night with us and we firmly believe that you will enjoy your stay. Sentimentality and knowledge are the cornerstone of our business.

Pre-booking is recommended since there is a high demand for accommodation during the summer. You can book with us online through the Swedish Tourist Association (STF).

You can check out our rooms and living spaces under the Accommodations tab at the top.

Hiking Along the Kattegatt

Due to our proximity to the sea, both long and short hikes are possible when you choose STF Steninge Hostel - the coastal station by the Kattegatt.

You can book a customized hiking package with STF Steninge Hostel - the coastal station by the Kattegatt, and enjoy some wonderful and active days by the sea.

We recommend a two-day long coastal hiking experience where you will do roughly 15km day-hikes and the two days is enough time to hike between Halmstad and Falkenberg. If you would like a more relaxed hike we can of course cater to your wishes.

Accommodations are just a stone's throw away from the sea and a nature reserve. The price for the two-day coastal hike starts at 1030 SEK /person if you're an STF-member. This includes a double room, two breakfast buffets and two lunch boxes. Guiding and dinner can be booked seperately.

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With or Without a Guide

Stay by the sea and hike along the coast with out without a guide. Our packages include accommodations, food and well as knowledgeable coastal guides.

Tid för gemenskap vid Steninge vandrahem

You can come on your own, with friends or with family to STF Steninge Hostel. Everyone is welcome here!

Food at Steninge hostel

Opening hours 2018 - 4th of June to 31st of August with the exceptions when we are booked for bigger parties.
Breakfast buffet: 08.00-10.00- prebooking!
Swedish "fika" and wholesome organic food served 4th of June to 31st of August: 12.00-17.00
Our pancake specials: from 24th of June to the 12th of August 12.00-17.00 - call to check for space - it has gotten very popular! Telephone +35- 52054 or cellphone +46-70-5666244

We serve an ecologically inspired breakfast buffet (June- August 8.00-10.00), and our café with the feeling of “grandma's kitchen” in combination with the sea, is open June-August 12.00-17.00 every day.

Both hostel guests and others are welcome to eat at our breakfast buffet. Our porridge specialist, the porridge world champion of 2017, Per Carlsson, always has new ideas on how to present lovely porridge and you're welcome to come and try! Our breakfast-buffet also includes freshly baked bread, smoothies and an assortment of fresh local delicacies. Prebooking is necessary for breakfast!

Our cuisine is built upon an attention to nature and we use as many locally produced products as we can. We also serve vegetarian dishes that can be combined with both fish and shellfish as well as vegan alternatives. In the bar we serve both beer and wine including beer from one of the areas most enjoyed breweries.


The griddle is warm every day from the 24th of June to 12th of August.
Come and try our plättar (Swedish for small pancakes). We serve a variety of plättar such as Power-Plättar, Buckwheat Plättar, Kale Plättar and Blueberry Plättar. Along with these scrumptious treats we serve both salty and sweet side dishes.

One of our top sellers is the Kale Plätt with smoked salmon and a mild lemon-mayonnaise. Or come and try your own creation and make your own custom plätt.

We serve ordinary coffee type treats and ice-cream + frozen smoothies
Our café is open as often as possible however we sometimes have bookings that may limit the amount of guests we have can have in the café. Keep an eye on our home page for our current opening hours.